In the early 1920’s, two brothers, Eddie and Earl Douglass, moved to Colorado bringing with them a family history of roofing in Kansas. In 1924, the brothers established Central States Roofing. They began installing roofing and insulation products in the Pueblo area. Eddie Douglass concentrated on the roofing part of the business while Earl Douglass focused on the insulation. Earl eventually left his brother to open another roofing company in Greeley, Colorado. Eddie continued to operate as Central States Roofing and Insulation Company; incorporating in 1947. In 1957, Eddy’s sons Van and Joe Douglass continued the long history of the family business. In 1973, Van Douglass passed away leaving the majority of the ownership to his wife Velma. Velma eventually remarried. Her new husband Tom Steininger assisted Velma in the operation of Central States Roofing. In 1991 Bill Hauschildt was hired to expand the business in the Colorado Springs roofing market. Bill also brought to Central States Roofing a long family history of roofing in the Colorado Springs area. His Great Uncle, Francis Prosser, established Prosser Roofing, which was later purchased in 1973 by Jim Hauschildt, Bill’s father. In the years that followed after Prosser Roofing, Jim joined Central States Roofing bringing more that thirty-five years of roofing experience with him. In 1993, Bill Hauschildt began to acquire ownership of Central States Roofing. Upon Velma Steininger’s passing in 1996, Tom became the majority owner of the company until his retirement in January of 2001. Under Bill’s leadership since the mid nineteen nineties until 2007, Central States Roofing continued to experience steady growth.

In 2007, Dave Singleton, a long time customer of CSR’s, joined Bill and Central States Roofing and bought-in as a 50% shareholder/Co-Owner. Since Dave and Bill have become partners, CSR has enjoyed consistent success and significant growth while maintaining their reputation as a top quality producer and solidifying themselves as one of the Top 3 Commercial Roofing companies in Colorado.




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