Central States Roofing Company Inc. has been successful over many years due to their competitive nature, their willingness to take on the most difficult of projects, and their strong commitment to providing the best quality of work in the industry. By self performing all of their work and most of the support services needed for their work, CSR consistently out produces their competition while remaining very competitive in their market place, all while paying higher wages and providing better benefits to their employees. CSR is the only Roofing Contractor in Colorado that is signatory to the Local # 58 Roofers Union. Over the past 5 years CSR has averaged approximately $ 15 MM in annual revenue, 80% of which have been procured by competitive bid, and the balance being negotiated work. Our consistent history has qualified us for substantial bonding capacity if necessary. During this same time period we have averaged 15 office/yard employees and approximately 105 field employees. Our qualified employees remain to be CSR’s greatest asset as they are all committed to looking after the customers best reasonable interests first. We are very involved in our local communities and are strong financial supporters of the Boy Scouts of America as well as several other youth organizations. As a management team, Bill Hauschildt and Dave Singleton both believe they can make a difference in the lives of children and young adults, and they try to do just that when those opportunities present themselves.


CSR is a “hands on” contractor that “self- performs” all of their work as well as the specific services they need with their own equipment as noted below:

  • Hoisting/Crane Service - CSR owns (2) 22.5 ton truck mounted cranes which allows them to efficiently self-perform all of their own hoisting of materials and equipment that can be reached with 140’ boom.


  • Man Lifts - CSR owns a fleet of different sizes of man lifts and scissor lifts.


  • Trucking/Deliveries - CSR has a fleet to semi-trailers that haul materials & equipment directly to each jobsite on an as needed basis.


  • Material Storage / Inventory - CSR has indoor and covered storage capacity at its main office yard where early delivery of specialty materials can be taken. These facilities are also utilized to hold a substantial inventory of common roofing materials and products that we keep on hand for our Service Department, as well as jobs that require quick mobilization.


  • Dumpsters - CSR owns a fleet of commercial roll-off dumpsters and dumpster trucks that are available the moment they are needed and are removed and emptied when they are full.


This “hands on” approach allows CSR the flexibility to more easily coordinate their operations with their own resources, which ultimately helps them to react better to the specific schedule demands of each of their projects.



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